Airbnb Trip Matcher


Airbnb Trip Matcher

Airbnb launched Trips in 2016, their first foray into the world of travel outside of booking accommodations. People were confused by what "Trips" were, so we needed a way to show the world of possibilities available with our new product. Our answer: a quiz that determines your travel personality and matches you with an amazing, customized Airbnb Trip itinerary.


We created ten distinct travel personalities and matched each to one of Airbnb's most popular cities around the globe, like Paris or Tokyo. Then we wrote a series of quiz questions to match people to said travel personalities and created illustrations for each of them.


After taking the quiz and getting their personality type, visitors receive an Airbnb Trip itinerary with an Experience, listing, and guidebook tailored to their tastes.


Creating ten distinct personalities and Trips itineraries was no small feat, but in the end, we loved seeing people share their results and discovered some unexpected trends from analyzing the site traffic and data.


Role Creative direction, design, producing
 Annie Gaus
Illustration Rocketboy Studio

Featured on Travel + Leisure, Yahoo News, and Refinery29